Lectia 9: Sistemul si subtila lui putere – UNICEF si-a vopsit gardul. Inauntru-i leopardul.

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Acest articol face parte din Abecedarul de Vaccinare.

Conduce si Romania la ceva in zona: la procentul de bloguri cu continut anti-vaccin.

Pe 22 aprilie 2013, cu ocazia deschiderii Saptamanii Vaccinarii Europene s-a prezentat la Geneva “an innovative UNICEF working paper”: Tracking Anti-vaccination Sentiment in Eastern European Social Media Networks (Analiza sentimentului anti-vaccinare in retelele de socializare din Europa de Est).

Mobilizare substantiala de resurse financiare, umane si emotionale: “Using state-of-the-art social media monitoring tools … Researchers have selected social media channels, languages and formulated key word strings for online searches from 1 May till 30 June 2012. Messages from over 22,300 participants using English, Russian, Romanian and Polish were monitored by volume (using mentions, views, postings), by channels through which users exchange content, by engagement (how users respond, like, share) and by sentiment analysis to detect positive and negative attitudes.”

Portretul robot: “Anti-vaccination opinion leaders in the online world show varying characteristics. Often they appear well educated in alternative medicine. Some have no college education while others are in the medical field (such as nurses). They often subscribe to social channels of homeopaths and alternative medicine advocates.”

Final cu concluzii printre randuri: “UNICEF is urging governments and partners to invest further in identifying this sentiment and map the extent to which they influence parental decisions not to immunize children. International agencies and other partners will need to combine forces and support governments to reverse this counterproductive trend and develop common strategies to promote immunization, as one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions known in the world.”

Cine vrea sa citeasca aceasta “innovative working paper”, in realitate o manea metamorfozata, iata: http://www.unicef.org/ceecis/media_24017.html

Număr afişări : 375